Sunday, March 8, 2009


Prop 8— Another Rumble at the Ballot Box

The California Supreme Court is considering a legal challenge to strike down Proposition 8, which was passed by a simple majority of California voters in November 2008 and amended the state constitution to eliminate the constitutional right of gays and lesbians to marry.

I’m a progressive, pro-LGBT-rights Christian who fought against Proposition 8 and is appalled at the Christian Right's upside-down version of Christianity — Pro-Rich and Pro-War — and its war on the LGBT community and the U.S. Constitution, including the separation of church and state.

But I’m almost hoping that the legal challenge to overturn Prop. 8 is unsuccessful.

Good God, why?

Because I’d relish another fight at the California ballot box against the Neanderthal forces that oppose equal marriage rights for the LGBT community.

Because I want a much brighter light focused on rightwing churches and other organizations that oppose LGBT marriage rights (just as they opposed interracial marriage two generations ago.)

Because I’d like to see political pastors like Rick Warren squirm a little more, as they realize they’re on the wrong side of history and human rights.

Because we must eliminate the rightwing argument that it was liberal out-of-control judges who imposed their personal agendas on the people of California.

Because I want to be able to say proudly that the people of California finally stood up for the LGBT community.

Yes, let’s have another rumble at the ballot box.

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