Thursday, October 30, 2008


Californians: Please Vote NO on Prop 8

Proposition 8 in California is a rightwing attack on the existing constitutional right of gay couples in California to marry. It would enshrine discrimination in the state’s constitution by denying a targeted group of citizens the right to be treated just like everyone else.

Most of the financial support for Prop 8 comes from the same rightwing religious groups that religiously supported Bush and Cheney.

As a Christian, I know there are many reasons, including many compelling Christian reasons, to vote NO on Prop 8 in California on November 4.

Whatever your views on Prop 8, here is a must-read article:

“On Prop 8: A Favor to Ask from Your Gay Friend at the ACLU”
By Anthony Romero, October 29, 2008

God bless you, Anthony Romero, for being who you are and for standing tall. You write with such passion, completeness and clarity that I will add only one point.

It seems to me that you were blessed with loving parents who, like you, faced a difficult life journey because of bigotry and prejudice, but eventually, thanks to the power of love to transform hearts, they came to respect, support and love you for whom you are.

This raises my point, which is another compelling reason, little mentioned, for voting NO on Prop 8—namely, to make the life journey of millions of other loving straight parents of GLBT sons and daughters easier, more just, and more pro-family.

In the future when I think of “family values,” I will think of you and your family.

Friday, October 17, 2008


“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

It’s only 18 days before the presidential election, which means the Republican Party is now religiously exploiting the vote suppression section of its Electoral Fraud Manual.

In an AlterNet article today entitled, “Republicans Abuse Prosecutorial Powers to Intimidate Voters,” Steven Rosenfeld does a great job in shining the spotlight on this aspect of GOP corruption.

Of course, the current stage is only one stage in a systemic year-round campaign by the GOP to subvert elections and suppress the vote of progressive American citizens, especially blacks.

Below are a few excerpts from Chapter 12 (“Treason, Electoral Fraud—Anything to Maintain Power”) of my new book, “The Bush League of Nations: The Coalition of the Unwilling, the Bullied and the Bribed—the GOP’s War on Iraq and America.”

The serious problems with electronic voting machines and the rightwing companies that design them have given rise to the term “black box voting,” which has been defined as follows:

Black box voting: “Any voting system in which the mechanism for recording and/or tabulating the vote is hidden from the voter, and/or the mechanism lacks a tangible record of the vote cast.” (

When it comes to electoral fraud, however, Diebold (which in August 2007 changed the name of its election systems subsidiary to Premier Election Solutions) and the other vendors of electronic voting machines constitute only a small piece of a much larger rotten pie.

Electoral fraud occurs in many other areas of the electoral process, including:

· obstacles to voter registration

· improper purging of voter registration rolls

· voter suppression, including voter “caging”—a favorite illegal tactic of the GOP to deny the vote to the poor, minorities, college students and other citizens likely to vote Democratic

· ballot stuffing, ghost voting, and “overcounting” (with votes counted exceeding voter signatures in election poll books)

· weaknesses in other voting machines, not just electronic voting machines

· absentee ballots

· provisional ballots

· obstacles to recounts

· and, of course, the financing of election campaigns

In words attributed to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

Here’s a valuable free weapon for American patriots who are fighting to take back our country. You can now download for FREE the entire book, “The Bush League of Nations.”

If you are so inclined, please spread the word. Let others know of this powerful free resource.

I ask for nothing in return, except that you consider using my book to help kick out America’s worst president and worst political party ever.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The GOP at Work—Turning Your 401(k) into a 201(k)

Let’s never forget that the GOP wanted to also feed Social Security to the sharks on Wall Street.

If the GOP’s “free enterprise” system does not work in the financial arena, I submit that it cannot work anywhere.

Reagan asked voters, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

We should now also ask, “How is your 201(k) doing?”

I now offer a powerful free weapon to patriots everywhere. You can download for FREE my entire book, "The Bush League of Nations: The Coalition of the Unwilling, the Bullied and the Bribed
the GOP’s War on Iraq and America," by James A. Swanson (2008, CreateSpace Publishing, 448 pages).

It’s a rich resource for arguments and information to counter the talking points, myths and lies of the extreme right.

Please spread the good news in any way you can.

I ask for nothing in return, other than the satisfaction of knowing you might be using it to help kick out the worst regime and political party in America’s history.

Go Obama!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Butchering King Crab in the Aleutians

After my junior year at MIT I drove from Boston to Anchorage with two college friends from Alaska. I ended up in Cold Bay in the Aleutians, where I lived and worked (processing king crab) on a gigantic old dock built during World War II.

Although it’s impossible to see Russia from Cold Bay, I can’t get rid of a disturbing mental image of Sarah Palin “sitting on the dock of the bay” and staring into the distant mists trying to divine the intentions of Putin.

Yes, everyone says silly things from time to time, so we shouldn’t make too much of her initial silly comment about Russia. And she could have ended it there if she had simply acknowledged her gaffe and laughed along with her detractors.

But — in an unbelievable exercise in bad judgment and verbal gibberish — she dug a much deeper hole during her interview with Katie Couric. Normally reasonably articulate, Palin came across as George W. Bush in drag. Now that’s another disturbing mental image to deal with!

P.S. When I sat on that dock in the Aleutians many summers ago and looked up at the moon, I never once thought of myself as an expert in green cheese.

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