Friday, October 17, 2008


“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

It’s only 18 days before the presidential election, which means the Republican Party is now religiously exploiting the vote suppression section of its Electoral Fraud Manual.

In an AlterNet article today entitled, “Republicans Abuse Prosecutorial Powers to Intimidate Voters,” Steven Rosenfeld does a great job in shining the spotlight on this aspect of GOP corruption.

Of course, the current stage is only one stage in a systemic year-round campaign by the GOP to subvert elections and suppress the vote of progressive American citizens, especially blacks.

Below are a few excerpts from Chapter 12 (“Treason, Electoral Fraud—Anything to Maintain Power”) of my new book, “The Bush League of Nations: The Coalition of the Unwilling, the Bullied and the Bribed—the GOP’s War on Iraq and America.”

The serious problems with electronic voting machines and the rightwing companies that design them have given rise to the term “black box voting,” which has been defined as follows:

Black box voting: “Any voting system in which the mechanism for recording and/or tabulating the vote is hidden from the voter, and/or the mechanism lacks a tangible record of the vote cast.” (

When it comes to electoral fraud, however, Diebold (which in August 2007 changed the name of its election systems subsidiary to Premier Election Solutions) and the other vendors of electronic voting machines constitute only a small piece of a much larger rotten pie.

Electoral fraud occurs in many other areas of the electoral process, including:

· obstacles to voter registration

· improper purging of voter registration rolls

· voter suppression, including voter “caging”—a favorite illegal tactic of the GOP to deny the vote to the poor, minorities, college students and other citizens likely to vote Democratic

· ballot stuffing, ghost voting, and “overcounting” (with votes counted exceeding voter signatures in election poll books)

· weaknesses in other voting machines, not just electronic voting machines

· absentee ballots

· provisional ballots

· obstacles to recounts

· and, of course, the financing of election campaigns

In words attributed to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

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