Friday, October 3, 2008


Butchering King Crab in the Aleutians

After my junior year at MIT I drove from Boston to Anchorage with two college friends from Alaska. I ended up in Cold Bay in the Aleutians, where I lived and worked (processing king crab) on a gigantic old dock built during World War II.

Although it’s impossible to see Russia from Cold Bay, I can’t get rid of a disturbing mental image of Sarah Palin “sitting on the dock of the bay” and staring into the distant mists trying to divine the intentions of Putin.

Yes, everyone says silly things from time to time, so we shouldn’t make too much of her initial silly comment about Russia. And she could have ended it there if she had simply acknowledged her gaffe and laughed along with her detractors.

But — in an unbelievable exercise in bad judgment and verbal gibberish — she dug a much deeper hole during her interview with Katie Couric. Normally reasonably articulate, Palin came across as George W. Bush in drag. Now that’s another disturbing mental image to deal with!

P.S. When I sat on that dock in the Aleutians many summers ago and looked up at the moon, I never once thought of myself as an expert in green cheese.

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