Monday, September 8, 2008


Need Quick-Growing Testicles for Our Progressive Leaders

Having watched the national conventions of America's two major political parties, I offer the following:

The Left plays CHESS (by the rules, cerebral, soundbite free, hard to explain) while the Right plays WHACK-A-MOLE with sledge hammers (unfettered by facts and fairness.)

The Left is dumb enough to show up at a knife fight with only knives (butter knives, at that.)

We all should have known we were in trouble when impeachment was taken off the table.

The leaders of the Left refuse to attack McCain's so-called strengths.

The Left accepts as truth all the GOP Myths carefully crafted and nurtured by the GOP and Big Media over the years, including:

(1) that McCain is a maverick,
(2) that the media are liberal,
(3) that the GOP is fiscally responsible,
(4) that the GOP better represents American family values, and
(5) most astounding, that the GOP is strong on national defense.

We need a Silicon Valley entrepreneur to invent some quick-growing testicles for the so-called leaders of the progressive cause.

Short of that, let's all redouble our efforts ... let's make those calls, register voters, do something every day. Let's take back our democracy!

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