Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today—Listen To This NPR Podcast

Understanding America's Financial Meltdown: Terry Gross Interviews Michael Greenberger

If you are trying to understand America's financial meltdown and the catastrophic risks facing not just Wall Street but also Main Street (i.e., all of America), then listen right now to this 38-minute podcast.

If you want to know more about credit default swaps and other risky financial instruments that lurk in the shadows, unregulated, behind the GOP curtains, then listen to this podcast now.

"Could Wall Street Woes Set Off A Global Crisis?"
Terry Gross, host of "Fresh Air," interviews Michael Greenberger on National Public Radio.

I believe Michael Greenberger, a law professor at the University of Maryland School of Law, is the most articulate expert on these topics.

Greenberger is the director of the Center for Health and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland and the principal deputy associate attorney general at the Justice Department. He previously served on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The podcast's url is:

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